Sarah Steele

Personal Assistant

I work in our Exeter office and I am the personal assistant to Dennis Hall. I also help manage the day to day running of the office. I recently returned to work after taking time out to have children.

I have a degree in Law but found myself drawn to the world of private banking, where I worked for 12 years. I previously worked for Coutts Bank in Knightsbridge. In the private banking role I recognised the value of getting to know the whole picture in relation to our clients, so that we could best understand their needs. This is why I was drawn to Yellowtail, as I could see the same values applied here.

After persuading my family to move to my childhood home we returned to Devon in 2012, and my two children are learning to love the rural life, as I did. To clear my mind and challenge myself physically I like to run around the steep hills of our village on the edge of Dartmoor.

I love to communicate and enjoy solving problems. Working at Yellowtail gives me the opportunity to do both. And I definitely believe in treating everyone as I would wish to be treated.