Sarah Sanders

Office Administrator

I am the Office Administrator. The one who keeps the cogs turning in the background, and ensures things run smoothly.

I grew up in Essex, and moved to Devon with my family in August 2016.

I worked in London for 14 years as a Loans Administrator for a Norwegian bank, so moving into Wealth Management was a quite a change for me.  I very much like the personalised approach that Yellowtail has with its clients, something that large organisations seem to struggle with.

I enjoy problem solving, getting to the root cause and finding a solution. I have been described as a dog with a bone on many occasions!

In my spare time you will find me on Shaldon beach, collecting shells with my three children. I am a huge supporter of a charity for young deaf people, where I volunteer at their annual summer schools and provide support to parents.

The one reminder I give my children is not to judge a person by their appearance – If you judge a book by its cover, you might miss out on an amazing story.