Dennis Hall

Founder and Chartered Financial Planner

I’ve been a financial planner for about thirty five years and started Yellowtail Financial Planning in 2006. Yellowtail allows me to do things right rather than follow a corporate agenda, for example I was charging fees for advice when most advisers were hooked on commission and selling financial products. I continue to challenge accepted wisdom largely through a deep scepticism for most things coming out of the City.  I’m reminded of the Groucho Marx quote “Please accept my resignation. I don’t want to belong to a club that would have people like me as a member”.

I like to win awards, personally and for the firm. Beyond qualifications (I’m a Chartered Financial Planner) I believe awards provide additional proof that we’re competent at what we do. Most recently I’ve won awards for investment planning and retirement planning, and the company has won awards for pension advice and client engagement.

These days I’m less technically minded (instead I surround myself with people who are) and have been exploring psychology and the science of behavioural finance. This has made a significant positive impact on my work and the financial decisions made by our clients.

I also like writing. It slows me down and forces me to critically analyse and arrange my thoughts and underlying knowledge. In addition to articles written for financial publications and the finance sections of the weekend press, I’ve written a book and have two others almost written.

After nearly 25 years living and working in Central London I now live in Exeter, travelling to London as needed to meet clients. It feels as though I have the best of both worlds right now.