Akiko Otomo

Office Manager/Administrator

I work in the Exeter office as Office Manager and administrator and am primarily in charge of day to day running of the office.  Working in a small office means one-minute filling complex forms for our clients, and next minute thinking about which brand of tea to get for our office kitchen!

After a year at University in the North of England as an exchange student, I spent the next 18 years working in the financial sector in London.  During that time, I’ve worked as an administration manager and tax manager, both at global organisations.  The former taught me the knowhow of corporate administration, and the latter the importance of good communication.  These experiences and skills now serve me well at Yellowtail.

I’ve been practicing Taichi for many years.  One thing is always clear. Mastering any form of art is a life-long journey, but with help of experienced teacher, it can be bit easier and fun.

Finding that right teacher is crucial.  Finding a right financial planner can be a life changing experience for some.  At Yellowtail, I’ve witnessed peoples’ lives transformed through well-thought planning and preparation, which is a real fun part of my job!