Tax & Estate Planning

The UK has one of the most complex and opaque tax codes in the world – it costs more than £11billion just to operate it (that’s equivalent to nearly £180 for every man, woman and child – simply to collect it). Compared to your home or your pension, tax can easily be your biggest single cost. It’s taken from your earnings, your investments, and ultimately, your estate.

Over their lifetime (and even on their death) most people will pay significantly more tax than they need to. Even simple tax-saving actions are regularly ignored or done late. Using allowances at the earliest opportunity each year would amount to a significant tax saving over time. But it’s complicated.

The UK tax system resembles a Heath Robinson creation. It’s been bashed, bodged and hammered by each successive government, trying to grab as much as they dare, often by stealth and apathy. There’s little wonder we end up paying more than we should. One of the benefits of on-going financial planning is that we help people use the tax system more efficiently.

Our clients for example are encouraged to transfer investments from taxed accounts into their Individual Savings Account (ISA) at the beginning of the tax year, avoid the usual end of tax year rush, and enjoying a whole year of tax efficiency. It’s a simple thing, but it works.

We consider how the pension rules can be used to save tax more effectively, particularly for people who earn enough to see their personal allowances cut.

We also work alongside our client’s solicitor and accountant to provide a cohesive approach to managing their wealth in a tax efficient way. And with your professional advisers working together, it allows you to relax and enjoy life more.