Family Wealth

Every family hopes to pass their advantages to future generations. Not only the material and financial assets they’ve accumulated but also knowledge and experiences acquired along the way.

They want their wealth to inspire future generations to go forward into the world and achieve great things for themselves. Yet often there is a fear their wealth will lead to financial dependency and a loss of drive and initiative, often the qualities that generated the wealth in the first place.

We don’t want the beneficiaries of our wealth living unhappy and unfulfilled lives. There are too many stories in the press to know that this can be a real problem. We want to keep it in the family – but at what cost?

We work with families to help them understand their philosophy to long-term wealth preservation. We then help them develop the strategies and practices to help each generation understand their role and responsibilities with regard to family wealth.

How do we teach financial responsibility to the next generation? Who mentors whom? Which structures should be used; private family trusts, the family business? In a complicated world it helps to have an independent third party to act as a sounding board.

It’s a special role that requires knowledge and experience of psychology and coaching as well as understanding financial matters.