In our experience it’s simply the amount of money they’ll manage for you, and the inverse relationship to any planning you’ll receive. By contrast we call ourselves Financial Planners because before doing anything else, we make sure there’s a properly structured plan to follow.  Our research shows that financial and investment decisions taken without planning leads to decisions that are not always in your best your best interests.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the core of everything we do, so an explanation of what it is and how it benefits you would be helpful. We believe that financial planning is absolutely necessary before asking you to commit to a particular investment (or spending) strategy. It’s likely to be the most engaging and important work we do with you, and our clients say it gives them a high level of financial clarity. So what is it?

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Investment Planning

Only a small number of people make ‘investing’ their job. Everyone else approaches it with varying degrees of excitement, fear, skill or recklessness. Almost everyone we’ve ever met has a story to tell about the ‘cycle of investment regret’ – investing in something at a high price and sometime later selling it for less. So what can we do about it?

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Tax & Estate Planning

The UK has one of the most complex and opaque tax codes in the world – it costs more than £11billion just to operate it (that’s equivalent to nearly £180 for every man, woman and child – simply to collect it). Compared to your home or your pension, tax can easily be your biggest single cost. It’s taken from your earnings, your investments, and ultimately, your estate.

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Family Wealth

Every family hopes to pass their advantages to future generations. Not only the material and financial assets they’ve accumulated but also knowledge and experiences acquired along the way.

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